Tom came highly recommended by a friend who he had helped save their home after their father passed away. After my father passed away without warning we found ourselves in a battle to save the home we established. A few years went by and I was at a point in my life that I was between jobs and expecting a child. On top of that the bank was foreclosing on my home! We had process servers coming to our house weekly telling us we needed to get out. After my first visit with Tom he began the tedious process of getting us a loan modification and putting the loan in my name. The people knocking at my door stopped almost immediately and within a few short months my home was in my name and the modification approved! Tom and his staff helped us through every step of the process and made sure we did not lose our home. I would strongly recommend the Law Office of Thomas J. Minotti to anyone who is having difficulties with their mortgage or any real estate legal matter.