Why Choose the Law Offices of Thomas J. Minotti, P.C.?

Based in Lagrangeville, New York, bankruptcy and mortgage loan modification, Dutchess County Bankruptcy Attorney Thomas J. Minotti uses his in-depth knowledge of ever-changing bankruptcy laws and loan modification programs to give his clients a fresh start after financial hardship.

Personal Attention from a New York Bankruptcy Lawyer Dedicated to Your Case

Unlike other bankruptcy law firms, at the Law Offices of Thomas J. Minotti, P.C., your case won’t be handed-off to another lawyer who may or may not be familiar with the details of your particular situation. Instead, you’ll work with a single attorney from start to finish.

Tom works hard to cultivate personal relationships with his clients, learns about their personal situations, and helps them navigate the complexities of bankruptcy law to give his clients the best chance of receiving bankruptcy protection and mortgage modifications for which they are eligible.

Explore Alternatives to Bankruptcy

Through bankruptcy, loan modification, and other debt relief programs, Tom has helped thousands of families suffering from financial hardship to get a fresh start. After working with the Law Offices of Thomas J. Minotti, P.C., Tom’s clients are able to successfully rebuild their finances, free from the shackles of debt that plagued them for years.

Unlike some general practitioners, Tom focuses his practice almost exclusively on bankruptcy and loan modifications. This means that day-in and day-out, 6 days per week, Tom is working on and thinking about how to get his clients the best protection from creditors. Sometimes, this is achieved through filing bankruptcy. Other times, it’s through a loan modification, and working with lenders and other creditors. Using his wealth of experience, Tom explores debt relief options with his clients, including mortgage modification, debt reduction programs, and bankruptcy, then helps his clients rebuild their financial future.

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If you’re suffering from financial hardship and need a fresh start, contact the Law Offices of Thomas J. Minotti, P.C. today for a free assessment of your case. Military veterans are eligible for discounted rates.

Call 845-570-9300, email tom@minottilaw.com, or complete the online form.